Jacket Uniforms 2018 - 2019

All volunteer instructors are required to wear a shell jacket or vest to identify themselves to other instructors, to our host hills but most importantly, to our students. This is for safety reasons for our students so they do not go off with someone other than a Track 3 person. Red Jackets are supplied at cost and yellow jackets or vests are loaned to our volunteer instructors. During the volunteer registration process Track3 members are offered jacket purchase/loan opportunities.

Link here to read the complete Uniform Policy.

  RED JACKETS: Level 1, 2, 3 and Course Conductor Instructors 

This year, our inventory includes new and gently used red jackets, as well as a few different styles at different price points. A brief description is found on page 2. Jackets are allocated as supplies last. Be sure to indicate your preference and we will do our best to fill your order.
The office gratefully accepts gently used red jackets.

YELLOW JACKETS & VESTS: Assistant Instructors and Level 1 Instructors under the age of 17

Effective Winter 2019, Assistant Volunteers will be provided with a Yellow vest or Yellow jacket on a “loan or own” basis. A deposit of $75 will be refunded when the piece is returned to Track 3 after the volunteer no longer requires the yellow uniform. For those Assistant Instructors who would like to return their yellow jackets from either the 2017 or 2018 previous seasons, Track 3 will refund up to $40, depending on the condition of the jacket.

Volunteers are provided with ongoing training, an instructor manual (if applicable), a lift ticket for each program day, name badge free of charge, and an instructor pin. For high school students, a letter of reference and signed community hours forms are available by contacting the office. Volunteers are also offered opportunities for discounted rates to various events throughout the year.
Jackets at Track3