Corporate partnerships and collaborative fundraising efforts are critical to Ontario Track 3's success and continuity. You can help make a difference.  Your involvement enables us to deliver our programs, alleviate wait-lists and enable more kids on the ski hill.

Employee Engagement
Ontario Track 3 offers the perfect opportunity for your organization to bring your employees and customers together with the shared vision of enabling kids through the magic of snow sports.  A positive organizational culture nourished by a common sense of purpose and peer engagement is the single most influencing factor when it comes to employees going the extra mile. Here are just a few ideas of how you can engage your employees with a sense of purpose:
  • Creat a committee of hands-on volunteers who participate on the hills with the kids
  • Turn your company picnic or golf tournament into an event with a purpose
  • Offer pro-Bono services for advertising, printing, marketing or professional services
  • Creat an employee giving campaign to support Ontario Track 3

Corporate Sponsorships
Serving over 200 kids with disabilities, Ontario Track 3 has an annual budget requirement in excess of $400,000. Corporate sponsorships are critical to the success and continuity of Track 3 services.  Your organization can make a meaningful difference by making donations or becoming a sponsor. Here are a few opportunities for your corporate sponsorship:
  • Volunteer Appreciation Sponsor
  • Uniform and Apparel Sponsor
  • Sit-Ski and Equipment Sponsor
  • Portable Facility Sponsor
  • Busing and Transportation Sponsor
  • Course Conductor and Instructor Training Sponsor
  • Marketing & Communications Sponsor

Participation in Events
Ontario Track 3 promotes three major fundraising events each year. Corporate participation in these events is critical to achieving our fundraising goals. Our average annual cost per student is $1,850. Money raised from these events goes to instructor training, volunteer recruitment, transportation, lift tickets, facilities and specialty adaptive equipment. As an event sponsor, your organization has access to bulk ticket reservations and receives special recognition with your name and logo displayed on the Track 3 website, in our marketing material and at the events. Become a Track 3 event sponsor at the:
  • Friends and Family Race Day
  • Spring Golf Tournament
  • Spring and Fall DiscAbility Events

Our Facilities
Ski hill partners are critical to the success of Ontario Track 3. As a corporate partner you will gain valuable exposure at many of Ontario's private clubs, public resorts and municipal facilities. Regardless of your business, there's a pretty good chance that the members and guests of our ski hill partners are your target audience too. Become a corporate sponsor - you'll be in good company.