Volunteer Instructor Training and Screening

Each and every volunteer is supported through training so that your commitment to Track 3 provides a rewarding experience. We offer free clinics, both informational and practical, to provide volunteers with the opportunity to develop new skills, to feel supported in their role and to help us deliver our mission. 

Generally speaking the annual commitment for new volunteers involves two days of practical training, one day of orientation followed by seven teaching days/evenings over a seven week period with our students. Returning volunteers commit to optional upgrade training, one day of orientation and seven teaching days/evenings. Link here to see the Winter 2019 Program Dates.

New volunteers register by completing the online form LINK HERE. A detailed volunteer package will be sent via email outlining training details, specific time and date information, insurance and registration requirements. 

Returning volunteers register annually to maintain their insurance coverage and if desired, register for upgrading certification with Track 3. LINK HERE to register as a returning volunteer.  All volunteers and students become registered annual members of Ontario Track 3.

Training is broken down into several stages, to provide ongoing support for all volunteer positions.

Indoor Information Session - New Recruits - Offered in alternate years. Next session November 22, 2018

On November 22, 2018, Track 3 arranges a workshop in the GTA for new recruits. This session provides an overview of our program and the vital role that volunteers perform with our students. Space is limited. Registration takes place through our central office.  

Support Volunteers at the Hill (non skiers or non snowboarders)

Training required for Support volunteers will be provided on the day of orientation, during the first program week prior to the students start date. The Program Director will let you know who is in charge of the support volunteers at your hill of choice. This is the only training required.

On-Hill Two Day Practical Training Clinic - Skiers and Snowboarders

On-Hill clinic training (first full weekend in January) assesses volunteer capability from beginners to advanced, and provides training in the techniques and adaptive equipment that can be used with our students. There are several levels of training offered.  The on-hill practical training takes place at Craigleith Ski Club in Collingwood. Bus transportation to and from Collingwood on both days is available (registration must be completed to secure transportation). At the completion of this training, new instructors/assistants will be assigned a program placement (based partly on your chosen program location) and a classification based on your skill level. Likewise, returning instructors who have successfully upgraded their skills will return to their program placements. We ask that you attend both days of the practical training clinic. If you miss the indoor and/or the on-hill clinics, you can still be a volunteer but you will be classified differently until such time that you have taken this training. 

Site-specific Orientation is required for everyone in every capacity

It is very important that you attend the area orientation of your hill. You will learn about your host hill facility and site specific safety. Student profiles will be reviewed to prepare for the program start the following week. Additionally, recertification for returning volunteer instructors is completed at Orientation. 


Kids of All Abilities Forum - will be back next season 

A panel comprised of Track 3 students, parents, instructors, and clinical peers will discuss the developmental and communication challenges they often face and their experiences of overcoming such challenges within our program. Contact our office for details about this FREE informational event!

Geneva Centre Autism Training Workshop

In November prior to the season start, Track 3 arranges a workshop at the Geneva Centre for Autism. Many of our students have autism and this session provides an overview of autism and basic techniques and strategies to help volunteers work effectively with our students. This training is optional and space is limited. Registration takes place through our central office.  

Training Progression with Track 3

There is an opportunity to further develop your skills through various levels of instruction offered by Track 3 in adaptive skiing, cognitive support training and snowboarding.  There is no obligation to progress to a different level: it is your choice whether to progress or whether you are content as an assistant instructor or Level 1 instructor. 


​As part of our overall commitment to safety and risk management, we have developed a screening policy for all volunteers at Track 3. Level 1, 2 and 3 Instructors (Volunteer Instructors who wear a Red Jacket) are required to perform a Police Record Check. Assistant Instructors (Volunteers who wear a Yellow Jacket and student volunteers under 17 years of age) are not presently required to have a Police Record Check. Link HERE for details.  

Effective January 1, 2018, all new incoming volunteers, 18 years or older, who earn a Level 1 Instructor Certification (Red Jacket) will be required to pay for their own Police Record Check (PRC), valid for 3 years, as well as adhere to the new policy requirements outlined in the Screening Policy. New incoming volunteers who become Assistant Instructors (Yellow Jackets) are not required to obtain a PRC.  A Police Record Check is a search used to determine whether an individual has a criminal record. The search is based on an individual’s name and date of birth of the RCMP National Repository of Criminal Records. A Criminal Record Check may also include a search of a Canadian police service’s local records, which may reveal criminal record information that has not been reported to the RCMP.The PRC will be performed after the Training Weekend during our Orientation Week. Our office will provide a link to MyBackCheck (Sterling Talent Solutions), an online PRC registration portal, during the registration intake process. 

Collage of photos from Training Weekend Jan 6 & 7 2018
Course Conductor Training Weekend Collage