Enabling Kids Through The Magic of Snow Sports

Welcome to Track 3

Ontario Track 3 Ski Association is a inclusive volunteer, non-profit charitable organization that teaches children and youth with disabilities to downhill ski and snowboard.

For more than four decades, Ontario Track 3 has been the only provincial organization dedicated to long-term adaptive alpine sports programs for children with disabilities.Track 3 delivers adaptive ski and snowboard programs that are designed for special kids with special needs. Our goal is to change lives by enabling our students with the same opportunities and experiences that are available to other children within their schools, families and communities.

Our Mission

Discovering Ability through the Freedom of Adaptive Sports

Our Motto

Safety, Fun, and Learning

Membership in Track 3

All individuals who support the objectives of the Association and who are 15 years of age or older are eligible for membership, including volunteers, committee members, employees, a family member of a current student (including the student) and other persons who the Board may, from time to time, designate. An annual application process is in place for new and returning members. For more details contact our office.  

We Need You!!!

Bringing the magic of snow sports to life for our participants depends (greatly) on volunteer support, ranging from instructor roles to operational support and more. Think you'd like to volunteer your time?  Please visit our Volunteer pages or contact the Central Office at 416-233-3872 for more information.  And we also rely on donations and support to help us achieve our mission. Visit our Sponsors/Donors page and join us at one of our many fundraising events. Your support means the world to Track 3!

Risk Management

Ontario Track 3 is governed by a Volunteer Board of Directors who set policy standards for our organization. Our most recent policies are available for review HERE. Contact our office for a copy of our Accessiblity, Privacy, Code of Conduct, Screening, Graduation and Safety Policies. 

Our most recent policies are available for review HERE. Contact our office for a copy of our Accessiblity, Privacy, Code of Conduct, Screening, Graduation and Safety Policies. 

Over 400 volunteers actively participate at ski resorts across the province to deliver ski-school programs that are specifically designed to meet the needs of each unique student.  Our instructor-student ratio ensures safety and quality.  Programs are offered on weekends and evenings for 7 weeks through January, February and March. 

Our volunteers also participate with elementary schools enabling students with disabilities to participate in their class ski days. With the assistance of Ontario Track 3, kids with physical and cognitive challenges can have the opportunity to safely experience the thrill and excitement of skiing and snowboarding alongside their classmates and peers.
Our comprehensive instructor training and certification programs are critical to the safe and consistent delivery of high quality programs. Volunteer instructors are certified in the use of specialty adaptive equipment such as sit skis, sliders, outriggers and tethers which are used to address a wide variety of special needs.
Ontario Track 3 relies upon funding from a combination of sources including student fees, fundraising events, third party events, in-kind donations in the form of lift tickets and facilities, government project grants, individual donations and corporate donations and sponsorships.
Financial resources are critical to the acquisition and maintenance of equipment, portable buildings placed at ski resorts, instructor training, volunteer recruitment and administrative services. 
Ontario Track 3 Ski Association takes seriously the health and well-being of our members. The following guidelines, adopted from the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport, provide a framework for identifying a concussion and the proper procedures to manage an event of this nature. The Board recognizes that challenges to identification of a concussion incident may be complicated with the special needs student population that we serve. For this reason, training around concussion management will be focussed on recognizing these challenges and implementing these procedures to the best of our ability to meet the needs of our members.  

Link Here to review Track 3's Concussion Guidelines. 
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